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Beechleaf Design is a nimble association of creatives with bright ideas and low overhead (which allows us to accomplish a great deal with your budget).

Our vast and varied experience and expertise is like cross-training for the brain – every project informs our problem-solving skills for every other project. Working on new ventures and non-profits connects us more closely to the human side. Developing projects with larger corporations and retailers makes us more savvy in crowded, competitive markets.

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No matter your product or service, we will approach your project with fresh ideas and an unconventional, wide-open perspective, backed by a broad understanding of how to make your materials effective.

We can work on just about any marketing and communication materials you may need... everything from the usual print, websites, and illustration, blog customizations, technical illustration, eNewsletters, PowerPoint presentations, custom graphs... you name it!

We're also savvy and flexible enough to be particularly good at filling in at design departments who need assistance with workload.

Wander around our portfolio, and don't hesitate to call if you have something we might help you with.

We are at your service.

- Rose Lowry & April Walker