Ballet Fitness Goal and Mission

It is our mission to provide uniquely fun, uplifting, and results-driven workouts for our students, so that whether you are younger or older or prefer our classical ballet or barre workout programs, you truly embrace your own potential and capability, increase your ability and therefore confidence, and really learn to enjoy movement. We hope to cultivate a love of movement and dance, which fosters a positive sense of body confidence and poise - helping you feel better, be more healthful, and to enhance the whole of your life.

We make this mission a reality by focusing on individuals’ particular goals, needs, and preferences. We tailor our teaching style and class pace to you - your skill level, your adaptability, your pace of learning. Each class is focused on your understanding, success, and enjoyment of the process. By teaching private and semi-private as well as small group lessons we are able to dedicate such focused assistance and you are sure to receive full attention and gain nuanced instruction not typically gained in larger classes. Our lessons stay true to technique, but allow you the time and careful guidance to achieve what you want for yourself or your child - in a non-pressured, uplifting manner.

With so many dance studios, dance competition television programs, and fitness/pop culture fads which focus on aggressively competitive approaches to working out, we think of our approach as a welcome antidote to the stressful, hyper-competitive, powerhouse vibe. Our classes are meant to make you feel great - by getting your endorphins flowing and becoming exhilarated to the music - dancing is wonderfully fun and good for you! No need to stress that others are judging you or watching you, no need to feel that you must be perfect in order to perform or compete. We do not compete, we do not have recitals, we do not have set schedules. Everything is tailored to you.