Class Descriptions

Ballet and Barre Classes

All barre classes begin with 10-15 minutes of stretching for proper warmup, and close with a brief cool-down.

Ballet Basics Children (6-17) and Adults (18+)

Ballet stretching, positions and combinations at the barre with floor work following. Slow, gentle, paced movement for the first half of the class followed by quicker tempo and work on floor combinations, turns, and jumps. Enjoyable and uplifting class. Tailored to your skill level and pace. Over the weeks and months students will learn more ballet vocabulary, technique and advance in skill level.

Classical ballet music provided.
50 min

Gentle Stretching for Flexibility Adults (18+)

Gentle stretches at the barre and on the yoga mat focused on slowly increasing flexibility. Movements based on dance principal and technique. Great for fitness beginners or older individuals. This is a mindful, relaxing lesson for those who do not seek an intense or challenging workout. Movements tailored to your skill level and ability. Great for corporate wellness workshops. Barre not required; can do stretches standing up or on yoga mats.

Relaxing, calming music provided.
40 min

Barre Tone & Strength Adults (18+)

Fast-paced barre fitness class focusing on working your abs, legs, glutes, and arms, switching up the workout between at-the-barre stretches and movements and cardio/isometrics/stretching work on the mat. May incorporate 2 or 3 lb dumbbells, small fitness balls, and fitness bands if desired. For those who seek a really good overall body workout. Great for barre workout beginners or current fans! You will feel the burn and see results with repeated classes! For repeated classes, workouts will switch up moves and routines per class.

High-energy dance music provided.
60 min

Barre and Boxing Adults (18+)

Fast-paced barre fitness class very much like our Barre Tone & Strength class, adding basic boxing-derived arm strikes and movements to further tone and strengthen your arms and upper body. Basic kickboxing moves may be incorporated according to ability/skill. Move and dance to the beat while also swinging your arms a bit, boxer-style, using proper, basic striking technique! Adding dynamic upper and lower body movements according to your ability/strength/skill level/pace. Fun class and a great, high-intensity workout.

Weighted boxing fitness gloves may be used (1-2lb weights). High-energy dance music provided.
50 min

Get That Dancer In The Club Adults (18+)

Fast-paced and fun lesson with a less-structured format for having a blast and letting loose! Ten minutes of stretching (with or without the barre, it’s your call) and then just learning some crazy fun dance combinations to the music! We’ll guide you through some of the latest and trendiest dance moves the likes of what you see in music videos and at the hottest night clubs. Burlesque-style, Broadway-style, funk-style - that’s your call, too! Great for releasing energy, kicking off your weekend, sharing with friends at a group gathering, or just to get your adrenaline pumping because you are a dancer and gotta move! Get ready to learn moves that will surprise and impress all those who you know!

Dance/electronic/hip-hop music provided, and clients can suggest their own music genre/style.
45 min

All classes by appointment only

Hours available for instruction: Monday-Friday 8am - 7pm, Saturdays 9am-12pm
Private, semi-private (up to five people) and larger group instruction available
Equipment (portable barres, fitness balls and bands, mats, and 2 or 3 lb weights) and music provided for all classes