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Barre Fitness and Ballet Fitness Classes

Barre Fitness Classes and Workshops Tailored to You or Your Group

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Note: We are taking a break from teaching this summer but will be back in September for private trainings/workshops/events! Stay tuned and stay excited when it comes to getting fit in the most fabulous and fun way!

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We provide fun and dynamic barre fitness and dance classes in a unique way - we bring our portable barres and workout equipment to you. So, there’s no need to commute to a studio or adhere to a set schedule! We work by appointment only - so, when you’d like to schedule a class or workshop or demo, let us know and we will dedicate time to bring a focused and individually or group-tailored class or workshop to you, to fit into your schedule.

You choose the level of your workout’s intensity, so that lessons are tailored to your abilities and goals. Whether you want basic ballet lessons for your child, an intense cardio barre class for you and your friends, or just gentle stretching and flexibility sessions for general wellness, we help you figure out how to make your fitness goals happen.

Why Barre Workouts?

Combining elements of dance, Pilates, and yoga, these workouts provide overall conditioning that increases muscle flexibility, core and overall balance, coordination, and strength, building a dancer’s physique - toned and chiseled, without bulk. Classes are fun and set to motivating music - it’s a great departure from a “typical” fitness workout!

Why Ballet Classes?

Ballet lessons with us provide a non-competitive approach that will enhance technical and artistic ability, and increase flexibility, coordination, balance, focus, posture and confidence. Ballet is a beautiful art form, and is challenging for the dancer - improving overall athletic and artistic ability!