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Reduce, Reuse, RePlay

Story and photos by Stacy Milbouer
Fiddlehead Contributing Editor

Junior wants to join the town rec soccer team. Yay. You’ve wanted him to try some kind of sport. You go out and buy him new soccer shoes, pants, pads, cleats, balls. Ka-ching!

Two weeks later, Junior decides to take up hockey instead and little Louisa announces she made the track tryouts in high school. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

RePlay, the new consignment sporting goods store at M&C Clothing in Amherst, has you covered.

The shop, which opened in November, sells secondhand gear for children, teens and adults. From hiking, skiing and CrossFit to dance, swim and karate, RePlay only takes clean and structurally sound sports and recreation clothing, gear and accessories. It’s a two-way street. You can buy for less and you can sell your items on consignment.

On a recent weekday, mom Julie Stone, watched as her son Aden, a junior at Exeter High School, tried on shoes at the store.

“Coming here saves so much money,” she said. “We’re a family with multiple sports interests. This winter we came here for ski pants and got some for everyone, me, my husband, my son and daughter.”

In her true style of reduce, reuse, recycle, Karen Goddard, opened the shop because she saw a need and she had the goods.

“We already had a lot of these things in our other store (M&C, adjacent to RePlay). We thought it would be a good idea to separate them out into a separate shop,” she said. “We’ve been getting great reactions from people. One woman came in and she’d just spent $400 on lacrosse equipment for her child. She came here and all the same equipment and clothing was half the price.”

Goddard said in addition to recycling, the previously owned sports gear allows families on a limited budget or just families wanting to save money, a chance to try a variety of sports without investing a fortune.

RePlay carries equipment for hiking, camping, fishing, yoga, gym workouts, track, running, swim, soccer, baseball tennis, skiing, field hockey, wrestling, lacrosse, dance, martial arts, horseback riding, cycling, golf and rollerblading.