At IPG, nothing comes between us and the best interests of our clients.

At IPG, nothing comes between us and the best interests of our clients, so we do business a little differently from your typical benefits company. In our experience, “one-size-fits-all” just doesn’t work when it comes to sourcing benefits. Every client, each organization is unique with different needs. That’s why we invest in our clients, not platforms. First, we listen. Then, our experts leverage deep benefits and tools knowledge to craft a custom solution that fits. Committed to being the most innovative, nimble and creative benefit consultants in the business, here are just a few qualities that set us apart:

When you call, we answer. We aren’t too big. We aren’t too small. We are a cohesive, intelligently-staffed organization designed to provide you optimum support.

We have solutions. We hire only the best, looking for people who have exceptional industry and organizational knowledge coupled with a strong customer ethic and a passion for problem solving.

We’re invested in you.  We don’t believe in tying ourselves to expensive proprietary solutions that will only work for some of our clients. We aren’t partnered with any carrier, software solution, or any relationship that would get in the way of our ability to always put your best interests first.

We’re your advocate. Advocacy is the hub of our business model and drives everything we do. As your advocate, we find the carriers who can best serve you and never consider performance or incentive bonuses.

For over thirty years, we’ve put learning your trust, building strong relationships, and always delivering on our promises at the heart of everything we do. Put us to the test. Let’s talk.