You will find examples of our branding and identity packages throughout this website. We'll be pulling them together more cohesively for this section of the website soon.

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Or, check out these identity and branding projects we've been working on:

Amherst Family Chiropractic Wellness Center
- Updating the brand on a local business.

Seeds of Community
- This new nonprofit requires a unique and memorable brand

Aptitude Fitness
- A simple logo for an up-and-coming business.

Deliberative Ethics: A Living Code
- A project of Franklin Pierce University's, New England Center for Civic Life.

Concord NH Parks & Rec
- Logo and branding, especially for their quarterly program publications.

Monadnock Music
- Massive branding makeover that was applied to all marketing materials,
  with excellent results in getting customers and supporters to give a fresh look.

Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
- A bright, playful look designed to be instantly recognizable and appealing.

NH Glassmakers exhibition
- The rich look of this brand was instrumental in creating successful events.

New Hampshire Campground Owners Association
- A logo to bring this group into the modern age, and establish their credibility.

Discover Monadnock
- Promoting arts in the Monadnock region